January 23, 2022

Approaches of Research

The approaches to research are broadly classified into two categories

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research
A research which is conducted based on the measurement of quantity is known as quantitative research. Quantitative technique of research can be used in the research of those issues which can be measured exactly in the quantity or amount. This research considers t the measurable facts and finds out the result analyzing those facts using statistical or mathematical tools. It uses mean, median, mode, standard deviation, correlation, regression, z-test, t-test, f-test, etc. to analyses the data and finds out the solutions or draws conclusions. This research is conducted to know how and why thing happens in the society or organization. Quantities data may be obtained from secondary source or from the participants’ Reponses that are coded, categorized and converted into numbers so that these data can be used for further analysis.

Qualitative Research
A research which is concerned with subjective phenomena is known as qualitative research. The main aim of qualitative research is to get depth knowledge and explain the issue or subject rather than finding the solution or coming to the conclusions. It, generally, explains the issues and makes easier to understand the issue tit the general people. A research uses; survey, interview types of tools while conducting qualitative research. Generally, it is conducted to understand the response of the people. Qualitative research is substantially used in the study of social science research. Qualitative research collects data from individual, organization, books and other written documents, environment, Medias and events. Qualitative research is used in market segmentation, development, etc. Following tools may be used in qualitative research:

  • Content analysis
  • Conversation analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Ground theory
  • Discourse analysis, etc.

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