January 23, 2022

Nature and features of Research

Research undertakes the depth study of any issues or subjects which helps to enhance the existing knowledge or solve any specific problem of an organization. Even though the features of different types of research are different but some common features of research are given below:

  1. Objective
    A good research should be objective and it must answer the research questions specifically not in subjective way. This require the formulation of a proper hypothesis, otherwise there may be lack of congruence between the research questions and the hypothesis.
  2. Generalizability:
    General, research is undertaken considering to the sample. The findings found from the research should be applicable in the large population enventhough it is drawn from sample.
  3. Free from personal biases
    A good research must be free from the researcher’s personal biasness and must be based on objectivity and not on subjectivity. It means that methodology should be used so that researcher cannot use his/her perceptions and change the data for manipulating the results.
  4. Systematic
    A good research study should follow various well planned steps i.e. all steps must be interrelated and one step should lead to another step. Use of such steps of research helps to bring uniformity in research work and report writing.  Thus, a research should follow the steps of research serially.
  5. Reproducible
    A researcher should be able to get approximately the same results by using an identical methodology if investigation is conducted on a population having characteristics similar to the earlier study.
  6. Directed towards solution of a problem
    Research identifies the problems and investigates on every aspects of the problems. It tries to find out the probable solutions of such problem through depth study. Thus research is always directed to solution of the problem.
  7. Logical
    Research collects the information from various sources and interprets the information. Research does not only present the result on the basis of interpretation but proves those results using various logics. Inductive and deductive studies are the examples of logical reasoning.
  8. Replicable
    Conducting research using same methodology is replicability. Conducting research in the same subject repetitively helps to increase the reliability of research results. Previous theories should be tested again to improve in those theories after a pace of time and such repeatedly tested results can be easily generalized in the large numbers of organizations.

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